Visual-kei Band Versailles Appears In First TV Drama

Visual-kei Band Versailles Appears In First TV drama
Visual-kei Band Versailles Appears In First TV drama

Visual Kei band Versailles will appear in late night variety mini drama titled, “Onegai Kanaete Versailles“, which will start on January 17th. This will be their first appearance in a drama. The heroine of the drama is Koike Rina, and she will be playing a poor, but beautiful girl, named Fukurokojo Rina.

The drama will be comedy-like in that the members will be vying for the affection of the heroine’s (Rina) wishes. However, the wishes are very unreasonable demands, and unbecoming to the members of Visual Kei band, such as babysitting.

Since all members except KAMIJO have never experienced acting before, they showed little confusion on this first time experience, but one of the members, TERU, said, “We may look very difficult to approach wearing these kinds of costumes, but I hope it will be an intimate drama for the viewers. It’s funny to see how unbalanced we look in town.

The drama, which will begin airing on Japanese channels MBS on January 17th at 2:20am and TVK on January 21st at 12:30am, will run in five-minute segments. The theme song performed by VersaillesPhilia, will be subsequently released as a single on March 16th. The single will be released in three versions, with one regular CD-only edition and two limited editions, each featuring a DVD. The first press of the regular edition will come with trading card.