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  1. Fine Apples says:

    Please pardon my ignorance and this question; as it may be triggering for the wise ones. I see you are writing/drawing on a (iPad type) device. I would like to look into purchasing one. On a budget and a novice; I’m looking for an affordable/yet decent device, such as this, to use with M1 air.
    In short; what device are you using?
    With gratitude…. If you have the time….

  2. Mist says:

    self note:
    1) suitability – design the logo for your market not yourself, study target market and build a logo that targets your ideal customer not just for you.
    2) designing it as a bitmap not vector – the bigger you make it the lower the quality, consider your future of the brand. will need to be resized for different projects, will the same logo fit on a massive billboard and top right corner of a contract?
    3) over complex – if you’re doing too much it’s hard to recognise and remember. less is more as it’s harder to recognise and small sizes if it’s complex. simple doesn’t mean it has to have no meaning, share this meaning through marketing projects rather than just adding too much detail to something that will be forgotten. build around the simplicity.
    4) using stock images/clipart – self explanatory, tight guidelines. will run into problems in the long-term. even from scratch don’t refer to stock images/clipart to copy and run the risk.
    5) diy logos – if you need something designed use a professional designer. they’ve studied for years. by doing it yourself your being naive and lack of care for the professionalism. not even amateurs like fiver are worthy, think carefully. in the long-term this will pay more than it costs. you can’t teach yourself years of studies in such a short-time correctly.

  3. ViTaLsigns says:

    Yes have to be careful with stock images, if you make it different to the point where it's unrecognizable then yes that is fine. Plopping text on to a stock photo, wither they paid for it or not is still risky. You're best bet is using the shape tools provided in PS and making your own design. I am creating my own design and I am glad I watched this.. as for those copiers out there… stop stealing credit!