Red Alert 3 MOD Remix Update Video 40 | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมมีประโยชน์ที่สุด

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Red Alert 3 MOD Remix Update Video 40 | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมข้อมูลมากที่สุด


รูปภาพธีมเกม red alert 3จัดทำโดย Popasia.

Red Alert 3 MOD Remix Update Video 40
Red Alert 3 MOD Remix Update Video 40

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38 thoughts on “Red Alert 3 MOD Remix Update Video 40 | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมมีประโยชน์ที่สุด

  1. Zurin Arctus says:

    I hope you guys doing the following in the next updates:

    – Bring back the laser cannons on Zeus. Giga Fortresses are too OP, while the Allies are always at a disadvantage on air against these monsters in mass. The Empire outnumbers the amount of Zeus ships with their Giga fortresses on AI vs AI fight. These laser cannons on Zeus' battleship should have similar range with Giga Fortresses, FOR AIR only.
    – The on-ground projectile for Zeus battleship should change to the stronger version of Neutron Scrambler (Future Tank attack), while Harbinger Gunships should be allowed for more balance. I hope the miniguns of the Harbinger Gunships should function as an anti-air attack as well.
    – For some reason, Allied missile turrets, when garrisoned by any unit, do not have the same range nor auto-attack as the non-occupied ones. If I put cryo-legionnaires inside it, the turrets don't auto-attack, especially against air units as it was in Uprising.
    – Soviet Steel Fortress should have the option of "unit assimilation" like Avatar mech in C&C3 or The Redeemer in C&C 3 where you assimilate any unit for new additional firepower. In this case, Steel Fortress should have two options for vehicles, two options for barrack units. If Steel Fortress assimilates any artillery unit, then it should gain the same range as that artillery unit for example. All units can be assimilated except for air units. They should be capable to assimilate any unit from the Soviet, Allied, Empire faction, ONLY IF THE PLAYER controls those units.
    – Soviet's secret protocol has an option for "Veterancy upgrade". It only works on Soviet units, not the Allied nor Empire even if the player controls those units. I hope you guys can fix this.
    – Allied AIs should be programmed for more aggressive attacks through air units, naval units, land units.
    – Allied should have a new barrack unit called "Commandos" who are similar to the Navy SEALs in Red Alert 2. These units can kill infantry units easily, and they have special ability of "Artillery Beacon", which they throw a beacon that reveal a place on the map, so the Pacifier Cannons can shoot across the map. This is similar to what Spectre and NOD Shadow Teams.
    – Guardian Tanks need more upgrades in firepower and durability. I propose that the Guardian Tanks should have the new special ability called "Tracking" (a select type ability on enemy unit) where those tanks will designate enemy targets on the map permanently for everyone to see until those units are destroyed. The tracked enemy units will have weaker durability.
    – Athena Cannon's Aegis Shield should be permanent upon activation, and the shield can be deactivated through toggling. However, the downside of this ability is that the longer duration of using this ability will cause the reduction of Credits per second. This option will make people much wiser on using Aegis Shield.
    – The Allies should bring back Gap Generator from Red Alert 2. In this case, the Gap Generator will render Allied structures and units invisible but will cost a huge drain of credit per second.
    – Allied Dolphins should be as invisible as Akula subs and Yari subs. They can only be attacked by torpedoes.
    – Future Tanks should be much stronger as they get killed very easily. I suggest that Future Tanks should have the passive ability of "guardian drones" where there will be drones surrounding the tanks that auto-defense them from air/land threats.
    – V4 rocket launchers from the Soviets should have an option of being stationary (Press F) as the Pacifier Cannons. As being stationary, V4 rocket launchers will only attack scattered rockets over the huge area. These units will function as structures that can be repaired by the player or engineers. Similar to the Reapers in Uprising.
    – Soviet Apocalypse Tanks should have the options of anti-air missiles as it was in Red Alert 2. Apocalypse Tanks are so useless in this game.
    – Empire's Emperor King Oni upgrade should be an area effect option for multiple King Onis.
    – Based on real history, heavy ships of all three factions (Aircraft Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Shogun Battleships) should have an anti-air defense.
    – The Empire's Shinobi and Allied Spies should be actually invisible from enemy sight because I saw them getting killed so easily. The AI should use these espionage units more, and I hope you guys can create a version for the Soviets.
    – Last but not least, all three factions should have the new defence structure that has greater range and damage. The Allied gets a version of Coastal Guns. The Soviets get a version of Ukraine Cannons (was used against Shogun Executioner). The Empire gets a version of Wave-Force triguns.

  2. Dirge says:

    Can you please fix the Skirmish AI, it doesn't seem to matter what difficulty you put them on, because all they do is just spam turrets and 2-3 units that cover half the map and don't even move.

    Skirmish AI has been broken for months with this mod. My AI partners don't even put up a fight on hard or brutal and somehow get defeated easily by the other AI, and Vanilla Red Alert 3 AI isn't like this at all.