Mayday Will Sing Their Way To 2012

Mayday Will Sing Their Way To 2012
Mayday Will Sing Their Way To 2012

In 2012, Mayday – Taiwanese rock band sold out their concert tickets at Beijing National Stadium with more than 80,000 seats in less than a day.

In shows at the Beijing Stadium – home to more than 200,000 fans, the Taiwanese rock band Mayday finished up their performance wonderfully. Thereby, they show their expertise in connecting with the audience and professionalism in the ballad.

The following year, they returned to their Nowhere concert

At that time, their band consisted of:

  • Ashin: main vocal
  • Monster and Stone guitar position
  • Masa bass position
  • Guan You drum position.

Since first appearing in front of the audience 13 years ago, the band Mayday has released eight studio albums, giving them a place in the hearts of Asian music fans with their impressive performances and so vivid and explosive.

It is known that Mayday started by two students Ashin and Monster, they started at high school, singing in pubs and clubs. They even sing on the street under the first name: “So Band”.

After signing a contract with the well-known record label Rock Records in 1998, Mayday released their debut albums in 1999. Since then, the band has become popular with the hit song Peter and Mary. This song received a lot of praise from critics and attracted a large number of Taiwanese fans.

In August 1998, Mayday held a huge gig, their first performance called The 168th Performance. Marking their place in the hearts of their fans and becoming one of The most popular bands in Taiwan.

The band has won 6 awards at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards 2012, including: best song, best albums and best band….

In 2011 the band also released a movie called Mayday: 3DNA, a 3D movie in their live show and about to cross the technological boundaries with the release of their second 3D movie: Mayday: Noah’s Ark 3D, scheduled for release in September 2011.

From there they will also begin to expand their programs in countries such as London, Paris, Amsterdam from September 2011.

From songs praising the youth to songs revolving around world peace and people. The band has been steadily growing on their 16-year journey.

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