Jay Chou Is The Top Money Maker Of 2010

Jay Chou Is The Top Money Maker Of 2010
Jay Chou Is The Top Money Maker Of 2010

Appledaily has crowned Jay Chou as the top money making singer of 2010. The popular annual ranking was based on figures provided by record companies, advertisers and concert organizers.

President Chou has outdone himself again by making an estimated 852 million NTD in 2010. It was only a year ago when he broke the 700 million mark, which earn him the title “Cape 700 million” (referencing the hit movie “Cape No. 7”.) Jay Chou completed 31 shows as part of his world concert tour, 20 paid performances, as well as numerous endorsement deals.

Coming in second was none other than his ex Jolin Tsai. The songstress was estimated to have earned 457.69 million NTD from music royalties, endorsements, concerts, paid performances and clothing line. Since the inception of this ranking in 2004, Double-J has earned a whopping 4.9 billion NTD with 3.1 of it coming from Jay Chou alone. Behind them in third place was S.H.E. Prior to Selina’s accident, the group has already earned 380 million NTD in 2010. In addition to album sales, endorsements and concert tour, they also showed their diversity with Ella’s drama and Hebe’s solo album.

Here is a full list of the top ten money makers:

1. Jay Chou, 852 million NTD
2. Jolin Tsai, 475.69 million NTD
3. S.H.E, 380 million NTD
4. Show Luo, 341.3 million NTD
5. Leehom Wang, 245.08 million NTD
6. Fahrenheit, 220 million NTD
7. ELVA Hsiao, 214.04 million NTD
8. Mayday, 171.5 million NTD
9. Kenji Wu, 155.75 million NTD
10. Rene Liu, 136.12 million

(100 million NTD = approx. 3 million USD)

Note: These figures are mostly exaggerated but the placements give us a pretty good idea of how they measure up.