‘I Am A Singer’ PD Gets Fired For Bending The Rules

‘I Am A Singer’ PD gets fired for bending the rules
‘I Am A Singer’ PD gets fired for bending the rules

MBC has decided to replace their producer for the new variety show, I Am A Singer.

The sacking came about after producer Kim Young Hee made a controversial decision to allow the contestant who landed in seventh place to compete once again. Netizens and viewers alike were furious, as the original rules clearly stated that the singer who landed in last place would immediately be disqualified.

Since the show enjoys a high popularity and viewer rating, MBC quickly acted on the backlash and revealed that they would be replacing the PD.

MBC stated, “We will be replacing the producer of ‘I Am A Singer’, Kim Young Hee. Although the rules for the show were changed due to a serious situation during recording, disqualifying the singer in last place was a promise to viewers.”

It has not yet been stated if the modified settings will be kept for the future, or if the show will go back to its original rules.

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