Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town | Full OST | + Download | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมมีประโยชน์ที่สุด

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Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town | Full OST | + Download | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมเข้าชมมากที่สุด


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Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town | Full OST | + Download
Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town | Full OST | + Download

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¡Full Original Soundtrack of Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town!
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# Playlist:

00:03 | Title Theme
01:39 | Opening 1
03:40 | Opening 2
05:37 | Spring Theme
07:28 | Summer Theme
08:44 | Autumn Theme
10:34 | Winter Theme
12:52 | Mineral Town
14:43 | Festival 1
16:10 | Festival 2
18:34 | Festival 3
20:15 | Music Festival
21:04 | Heart Even 1
22:41 | Heart Event 2
24:40 | Requiem
26:51 | Harvest Sprites
28:35 | Harvest Sprites Mini Game
29:44 | Wedding Bells
32:43 | Spring Song
34:30 | Event Theme
39:30 | Fall Theme
41:07 | Opening Theme
43:26 | Girls Theme
46:58 | Girls Love Theme
48:39 | Spring Season Theme
50:48 | Autumn Forest Theme
55:07 | Winter Theme
56:26 | Blue Bar Night Song

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(I know, its unpleasant to use shorteners, but its only one, it’ll only took you 5sec. and you’ll get all the original soundtrack, this include cover, artist, album, year, and all those data. It also helps me to keep making videos like this one.) Thanks so much! :D.

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  1. Morgan says:

    My cows and sheep gave birth, my chickens laid eggs, my crops grew, my dog caught his ball, I caught fish, I fell in love, I had a kid, I sat in the hot tub, I made friends, I mined, I found spites, I rode my horse. Wow. I am emotional… where do the years go? Thank you for this music. It really took me back to simpler times.

  2. Niej Puse says:

    Oh winter, I remember my basket that I left at 109th floor below the lake mine. Frustrations all over my head. I brought a lot of stamina juice, what you call it? It's bought on ellie on what i remembered, weird enough to buy at my own wife hahahahaha!!. damn it!.. just to retrieve a goddamn basket! Hahahahahahah!!

  3. Shane Brown says:

    Had to come back to this because of my brother, this was our favorite game growing up, we both loved everything about it, from the soundtrack to the characters in the game, he died a little over a year ago but this makes me think of him everytime I hear it, memories of us fighting over who will get to play it when we were little, sitting under a lamp with a gameboy so we could see the screen, times I wish were still here, memories I cannot forget