God of War Ragnarok "Race Swap" Controversy NONSENSE! | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมมีประโยชน์ที่สุด

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God of War Ragnarok "Race Swap" Controversy NONSENSE! | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมอัพเดททุกวัน


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God of War Ragnarok "Race Swap" Controversy NONSENSE!
God of War Ragnarok "Race Swap" Controversy NONSENSE!

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38 thoughts on “God of War Ragnarok "Race Swap" Controversy NONSENSE! | หน้าข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับเกมมีประโยชน์ที่สุด

  1. Salvage1009 says:

    Alright, so this video is a bit more on the rant side and will be addressing the obvious racism that many people are displaying because ONE character from the Norse mythology has been turned from white to black, claiming it's inaccurate to the mythology even though they seem to have 0 problem with the many other inaccuracies in this universe. Angrboda is a character I guarantee 99% of normies DON'T know or really give a single care about, so to see THIS much attention put onto her race, it really makes you question if they even have any legitimacy in their anger, or if it just boils down to racism/trolling. Either way, it's not that big of a deal to be making fan edits, turning her WHITE nor does it excuse the multiple racist and ignorant comments I've been seeing in post that try to bash Santa Monica Studios choice to make this character appear in this way! Anyways, thanks for watching and supporting the channel! I'm going to have a ton of videos out very soon, so stay tuned and don't forget to like this video and subscribe for more if you enjoyed! See you guys soon!

    Follow me on Insta: Marcel_1009
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  2. dianna hunter says:

    why would u change a white character in a black, and why would you change a black character into white? Angrboda was white and they changed her to black and people are angry because it happened 100 times in the last 10 years more than 100 white characters into every franchise have been switched to black so yes they are angry with this because
    A. it shows that they will never do a game with canonical black gods and in my eyes they hate black people and just want their money by putting one black character in the game
    B. this is racism towards white people

    you are free to disagree with me i always wanted to see african mythology but nobody is doing it, NOBODY

  3. roks0910 The Golden king itself says:

    In this video its said that gow got things wrong about greek myths and hell yeah the one that bothered me the most is one of the lines before persephone’s fight she says she was forced to marry hades and that she didn’t want this marriage in greek myths… zeus went to help persephone and she denied the help because she loved hades and wanted to marry him oh also if you didn’t know kratos is a real greek god representing masculinity son of zeus and helps zeus in a couple things tho ofc he didn’t kill all greek gods and didn’t plan the fall of Olympus

  4. Antonio Ricardo Nvumba Mbomio says:

    Look i am a black person and tbh i agree myself and understand the ppl who feel disappointed with a black person in the game’s cast as feels like they broke the norse environment just to make it look 'social & politically inclusive' most of all cause does not look natural nor from that period of time which makes it lose realism

  5. Wolverine X men says:

    I enjoy GOW without a doubt I think the direction in which the franchise is taking off is a good idea because at the end of the day if you can't understand why they decided to make this character African Asian maybe you !!! YOU !! YEAH YOU should make your own video game with a white skin , blue eyes and blonde hair Norse mythology story game, depicting a narrative over different areas of the world, cultures and learning from them. Duh Tyr said this ,interesting…… I wonder why

  6. Dead says:

    I couldn't care less if she was blue or green, I just hate politics. And I just hate having LGBT characters or non-white characters because of "diversity". A lot of those characters suffer from poor writing. Meaning there is nothing interesting about them other than their race or sexuality, which in and of itself is not interesting. I doubt they've done this with Angrbođa, I'm sure she's well written character. But I would hate it if they made her black for no other reason than force diversity.

    Also, I've read norse myth, nobody knows what Angrbođa actually looks like. Her appearance is never mentioned. People are confusing how she's depicted in modern art to what she actually looked like. The former is a white redhead, the latter is a mystery. Just read her Wikipedia page as an example, there's not a single mention of her appearance. She was a giant though, a Jötunn, so it would be safe to say that she didn't even look human. But there also weren't any black peolle in Scandinavia during the time those myths were written, nor the time those myths take place in. So it would also be safe to say that if she did have a human appearance, she would not be black. So from that perspective, it wouldn't make sense.

    I'm sure Santa Monica made this decision based on a good reason. They've never been ones to delve into or engage with politics. Like you said, Mimir is scottish. Not just in his accent, but it's cannon that he came from Scotland, or at least somewhere celtic. And that's just not true in the myths, but that doesn't make it wrong. It's an interesting choice and makes him and the story more interesting. I just hope that it's the same with Angrbođa and it wasn't a choice based on a political agenda.

  7. JT Auger says:

    Ok, I can totally agree with you…IF…the same situation in reverse would be equally 'no big deal', for example if a traditionally black character were changed to white, like if they redid Othello but with Ralph Fiennes. As long as it's the same across the board then I see no issue with it. But if it's not? If that's suddenly a problem? Then I would say you may need to rethink who is being the racist. Potentially.

  8. The fluffy Hufflepuff says:

    Dude this controversy is so funny to me, like we don’t know anything about this character or her backstory, so why judge her, yes it’s inaccurate to true Norse mythology, and the creators could just be doing it for BLM type politics, but many things in GOW are inaccurate and I don’t really care if the creators are just doing this for politics. Like bringing politics into a game is so stupid. ITS A FREAKIN GAME. Just enjoy it.

  9. Dandy Crow says:

    This race-swapping offends me and my heritage a lot since I'm half-Scandinavian! So what do you want to say to me, hypocritical woke imperialist?! You want to call me "rAcIsT" for protecting my culture, folklore and heritage from being culturally appropriated and revisioned for political purposes?! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

  10. Korax says:

    If i play a game abour tribes in africa, i dont wanna see eskimos there. If I play a game about acient china i dont wana see south americans there. And if i play a game set in the north mythology i dont wanna see black people. Nothing to do with all the inaccuracies you counted.

    Anyway i dont like this forced diversity.

  11. Willem Hooy says:

    As a person with both Scandinavian, and Ugandan ancestry, I have no issue with her depiction, but i think it's interesting that you're ranting about this when should this be a game centered around another religious or cultural group, for example African mythologies, a traditionally black deity, such as Anansi being depicted as a white person would drum up a lot of controversy and anger. People have a right to be upset about misrepresentation of their history and culture.

  12. El hijo del Ahuizote says:

    Fun fact, in Mexico and a large part of Latin America, Europeans are considered to be tall people, with very white skin, blond hair and green or blue eyes, if you do not meet these characteristics, the population will not believe that you are European, even if you speak English or French ….. and curiously when a black tourist arrives in Mexico ,. he is usually thought to be Cuban or Caribbean.

  13. Gonzalo Sir Coddou says:

    Dude…. its a game. Why the FU** are you ranting about?

    Loki IS NOT GREEK, his GREEK name it is. Atreus is the name that KRATOS gave to his son, but ATREUS was not born in GREECE OR SPARTA, so he is not GREEK. Her mother was a JOTUN….



  14. Krieg115 says:

    2:00 what a big deal ? … i don't want to anger anybody so…just facts ok

    – Angerboda in the north mitology is the bride of loki (boy) and she is a giant
    – together they will make hela which is a girl half human and half decomposed corpse…and odin will gonna trow her into hell (because of her appirance)
    -vikings were known to enslave everybody beside them…if you are not part of them, you usually got killed or enslaved (essentialy a white nordic only club)….make sense that all the gods are white too (because in their mitology gods can live between them, without people noticing them like gods)

    So yhea looks kinda weird to have black people in the next god of war

    Edit: some carachters are irish or scottish in gow 2018…actually make sense, because viking firstly got in "contact" with the english colture first…and this inpacted them quite a lot

  15. borg u says:

    I mean if norse mythology goes out lf it's way to specify that her skin is as white as dealth or something along those lines, I think her skin color is a more important part of her character than you lead on. Especially simce she is the mother of monsters, and if you want to say it's racist to want her to be atleast physically accurate to her norse counterpart, isn't it also racist that the only black person in the game is the mother of the monsters that end up killing all the gods?