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ข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้องเกี่ยวกับ8 nในCan The Ford 8N Do Any Real Work? 6ft Heavy Duty Box Blade and 5ft Grading Blade with 1952 Ford 8Nมีรายละเอียดมากที่สุด


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ฉันแสดงฟุตเทจและพูดคุยถึงงานที่ฉันทำกับ Ford 8n ส่วนใหญ่รวมถึงการดึงใบมีดเกรด 5 ฟุตและใบมีดกล่อง 6 ฟุตเพื่อปรับระดับและเคลื่อนย้ายสิ่งสกปรกด้วยรถแทรกเตอร์เก่า ใบมีดหน้าที่เบากว่า 5 ฟุตจะทำงานได้ดีกับรถแทรกเตอร์ Ford N Series

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Can The Ford 8N Do Any Real Work? 6ft Heavy Duty Box Blade and 5ft Grading Blade with 1952 Ford 8N
Can The Ford 8N Do Any Real Work? 6ft Heavy Duty Box Blade and 5ft Grading Blade with 1952 Ford 8N

นอกจากการหาข่าวเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้แล้ว Can The Ford 8N Do Any Real Work? 6ft Heavy Duty Box Blade and 5ft Grading Blade with 1952 Ford 8N ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมสามารถพบได้ด้านล่าง


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Can The Ford 8N Do Any Real Work? 6ft Heavy Duty Box Blade and 5ft Grading Blade with 1952 Ford 8N.

8 n.

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25 thoughts on “Can The Ford 8N Do Any Real Work? 6ft Heavy Duty Box Blade and 5ft Grading Blade with 1952 Ford 8N | สรุปข้อมูล8 nล่าสุด

  1. TripleR says:

    Great post from D.Brown Jr. to which I will add, keep thumbs outside rim, kick-back is a bear. using a box scraper effectively and efficiently takes time and to a point weight is your friend. To get best results adjust your top-link for the proper cut. For final smoothing, extend it so the leading edge does not contact the ground and the trailing edge will not pick up dirt, just ride over like back dragging with a front end loader in float. I use a Land Pride HR3584 on bigger tractors and LMC etc. on the smaller ones, no use paying for the name brands on the smaller ones. The 3-point hitch was patented in Britain by Irish born Harry Ferguson and he partnered with Henry Ford in theto market the Ford-Ferguson, essentially a gray Ford 9N Series, essentially a Ferguson-Brown Model A. You can guess who came out on top of this hand shake deal. The early models were pretty slow, so plan ahead

  2. Vize Iron ♪ says:

    My grandpa has a very nice 1950 ford 8n tractor. It runs great and has done its job for anything we've ever needed it for. In my opinion, it's very handy to have for moving large things. Me and my grandpa unloaded a 3-400 pound wood stove from his car with the tractor. Would have been a pain without it. Grandpa use to plow his garden with it every year and still does sometimes. For someone who has decent size land and enjoys growing gardens and stuff, it would be handy.

  3. Roy Adamson says:

    One thing a lot of people don't realize is the difference in weight. All of the extra weight comes from the heaver castings of the motor, transmission, and rear-end housings. My 8N is over 70 years old and still going strong, MY New Holland is a 2008 model bought new and is done…forever. The engine block has a crack due to the extensive loader work I do. Broken in half, done after 14 years, the 8N is as good as new after 70+ years. One I paid $1200 for one I paid $15000 for.

  4. Joette Rolison says:

    If You search the Tractor Supply stores on the internet within a distance You are willing to drive You might find it cost effective to drive 90 minutes to get what You want cheaper than the closest.

    I was searching for a 5 foot 3 point rototiller and TSC had a sale.

    The closest TSC does not stock Tractor implements and they were going to have to order it and then charge Me $113.00 delivery Fee on something they did not have in stock plus the sales prices was $1499.00

    I looked up the stores within 100 miles and put their zip code in to see if they had one in stock and what was their sales price were.

    I found a TSC store about 90 miles away that had several in stock and their sales price was $1,299.

    It was $200 cheaper and I did not have to pay the $113 delivery fee, plus I did not have to wait 30 or more days to get it.

    It was worth driving 180 miles round trip and save $313 dollars back when gas was $1.87 a gallon

    I was surprised the same rototiller was that much less from the company.

  5. A Diamond Forever says:

    I'll second the use what you own, my brother gave me a 631 after he took the front end loader for his 860. Over time, I now have added rear wheels, power steering, a different front end loader, and a sickle mower. Previously someone added the PTO. I do not have enough power to run his 16' land pride mower when the field is wet or heavy. Engine has blow by when run hard, but the engine doesn't even seem to be working with the mower in operation. Have fun

  6. Apoc 82 says:

    There's a reason that 8N been around for 75+ years, that tractor will pretty much do anything you ask it to do. But it's like anything else the right knowledge, the right attachment makes the difference! I'm by no means dissing newer tractors they are nice but these ol fords been battle tested and proven themselves time and time again.. The only thing ford screwed up on it was they all should of came with a low gear from the factory that's the only thing I've found wrong with them.. i wouldn't trade my 48 for anything

  7. D. Brown Jr. says:

    You can get a slip clutch for your pto. You can bushhog with the best of them.
    Just make sure to not allow the grill get too full of debris. Don't allow it to run hot.
    It's nothing to put a temp gauge on one. Or just watch your radiator cap.
    Keep a 5 gallons of gas with you all the time. To keep you going. Check the oil regularly.
    Don't allow water in the transmission or rear end. If it looks milky, change it. Wash it out with kerosene and put new back in it.
    10w30 oil fine for that tractor. That lift can hold 1.500 lbs. I've logged with mine with snaking dogs and chains.
    Or a boom and grappler.
    If you keep the 19in wheels on front that best as plowing.
    Drop to 16in to do other work. Wider is better. Some use windshield washer or antifreeze in the tires. Here in the south we can use just water. Done it for years. Keep it greased. Protect that clutch. Keep the lock on your back wheel bolts. Don't allow them to shake loose.
    Mine still the 6v. System. Hadn't had a reason to change it over. At least once you understand what it can do what it can't at the end of the day it's paid for. No big note to pay. If they're a will they're a way to make it happen. All I can say if find it.

  8. D. Brown Jr. says:

    I own a 50 model. If you take care of it.
    It'll take care of you.
    Don't be fooled by dealers and what not.
    That 8n. Is still the most popular tractor running today.
    A set of stabilizers would make your blades more controllable. You could use a scoop pan. Or a log dragging as well.
    With the right attachments you can do anything with an 8n.
    I've plowed with Taylor's way hires. Or a bottom plow.. you can use a smoothing hires and planters with that tractor.
    You can also dig post hole with an augers. Boompole to lift. You cut hay or raise a barn with one. We did. You'd be amazed how that little no good tractor helped build America. It's as American as apple fuckin pie.
    It had EARNED it too.
    No sir. It don't need to be in a museum. It needs to in the field working with someone who's willing to take the time and learn.
    It's an American ICON. It only needs a job to do..

  9. D. Brown Jr. says:

    That box blade is fine. When you lift it the front wheels don't jump up. Now, with all you said, do you have water in your tires? That gives the back weight. To use that blade learn to control the blade with the lift or or your drag. The little arm under your seat. That tractor can work the hell out of that box blade or anything else you got. Majority of it is the operator and NOT, THE TRACTOR..