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Bokuaka //In Another Life: Akaashi's POV// | เว็บไซต์ให้ข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์สูงสุด.


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Bokuaka //In Another Life: Akaashi's POV//

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ดูหัวข้อBokuaka //In Another Life: Akaashi's POV//.

Gomen.*cries* the story just hits me and I just express it through the song huhu. I composed what is based on the story and put it all together. A sweet fruend of mine composed the Second Chorus!! @Makoto Sugawara! I might post another audio of this xD. The rain just came unexpectedly while i did the recording. The rain’s my friend now lol.

*hugs all of you* there there I know…

The song used and made a parody from: The One That Got Away from Katy Perry
Based on a Fanfic: In Another Life Bokuaka by LittleLuxray

In Another Life – LittleLuxray – Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]

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hii I create songs and covers based on fanfics, anime, characters and other trends as well such as Dream Smp which will be coming soon. I upload every fridays once or twice a week around 8 pm, GMT+8:00 Philippine time.

Composing is fun and I hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned.. หวังว่า ความรู้ เกี่ยวกับ unexpectedly แปล ที่เรานำเสนอจะ มีค่า สำหรับคุณ.

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unexpectedly แปล

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30 thoughts on “Bokuaka //In Another Life: Akaashi's POV// | Popasia

  1. 最高のウゲツニスト says:

    "Por que yo? "
    "Por que la vida es injusta"

    "Bokuto ya no olia a hospital, olia a casa"


    "Ambas manos se habian apretado al rededor de las de Bokuto ahora, temblando sin pausa.No pudo encontrar su pulso"

    "Asi se quedo en sus lugar aferrandose a Bokuto, teniendo su compania por ultima vez, antes de que nunca lo volviera a ver

    "Vas a ir a su funeral? "

    Me niego a ir.Mi ultimo recuerdo de Bokuto no sera sobre el bien vestido,palido,rigido y metido en un ataud, rodeado de una cantidad innumerable de personas que no se preocuparon por el hasta el dia que escucharon sobre su muerte, mi ultimo recuerdo con Koutaro ya esta conmigo y morira junto a mi"


    "¡Que duermas bien Akaashi! "

    "Lo estoy intentando"


    "Bokuto se inclino y toco su frente con la de Akaashi ahora solo tenia una forma borrosa, pero Akaashi sabia que todavia estaba alli.
    Bokuto le hablo, su voz tranquila saludable, todo"

    "Te encontre"

    "Una risa temblorosa y tierna escapó de Akaashi. El sonrio"

    "Me encontraste"


  2. Iraiza says:

    i keep crying at two parts (mainly)-

    “How did you find out he wasn’t…there anymore?”
    “His entire body was relaxed. His head rested on mine with the weight of someone’s who’s unconscious.”

    and Bokuto’s last text to him-

    [You probably fell asleep. Sorry for always messaging you so late. Sleep well, Akaashi! I’ll see you soon.]
    Akaashi frowned and felt that familiar pain pierce his chest. He re-read 'Sleep well, Akaashi!' and inhaled with frailty.
    “I’m trying…”